The History and Concept of Basketball

Back in 1891 a Canadian physical education instructor named James Naismith invented the sport for a less-injury prone sport than football. Later on in the future people started inventing pro sports such as football, basketball, and baseball. Originally in basketball nobody could drible. You had to stay in one place once you got the ball. There would be 18 players in total and there would be nine players to a team. The first game was played for thirty minutes but since nobody was used to playing only one person scored a basket. It was during that game when somebody suggested the basket ball because the objective was to get the ball in the basket. From that point on basketball has evolved to todays version.>
The very first game of the NBA took place at the Maple Leaf center. The two teams who played there were the New York Knickerbockers and the Torronto Huskies. There was a crowd of about 7,000 and if you were taller than six foot eight you were alowd to attend the game for free. The owners of th NBA named it "The National Basketball Association or the NBA. Since World War ll just ended it needed entertainment to keep peaceful times so other states or cities came and joined and they made franchises. Some franchises played in the west part of the U.S and some played in the east. They then called it they east and west division. Each team had to pay an entrance fea of 10000 dollars that way they can have all the coverages paid off. This then lead into proffesional basketball>
The Naismith Hall of Fame is where all the top nache NBA players names get retired to. In order to do so you must earn certai titles to get such a reward. Player like Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and many more have done. You need to win the league Mvp at least once and need to be on one of the all-time scoring list. Kobe Bryant a future Hall-of-Famer is the second most scoring and the second most assists of all-time scorer behind Carl-Malone. TThis title is a true honor to have if you have it.
Recent Mvps and have been Stephen Curry,Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. When they won this award they were in the middle of their career and as some people would say they were in their prime. The Youngest Mvp ever was Derrick Rose, it was only his third year in the league and he wasn't even in his prime yet. Eventually injuries caught up to him and he is trying to get his career back on track.In the most recent years MVPs have broken many varios scoring and three-point shooting. Steph Curry broke many three point records and Kevin Durant has broken some scoring records. In order to be one you must be really talented and needs to take a lot of work.